Elsa Marley  
819 Marin Road, El Sobrante, CA 94803 USA
(510) 758-4471

1986                      Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, PR China
1983-1985             MFA San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco
1954-1957             BFA Vancouver School of Art, Canada

Special Studies
1961    Joan Miro, Spain
1960    Royal College of Art, London
1957    Hans Hoffman, New York, New York

Solo Exhibitions

2010 Blue Ice, Isaac Gallery, Roswell, New Mexico

2009    (October Opening) BLUE ICE: Greenland/09, City Arts Gallery, San Francisco, Ca
2007 Tibet/07 Open Studio, El Sobrante, California
2005    Mountain Metamorphosis: Tibet to Tamalpais, Knoor Gallery, San Mateo,    California.
2005    Inside Passage, 525 Market St. Gallery, San Francisco, California
2002    Tibet/02, Open Studio, Oakland, California.

1999    Recent Solo Works, Thrasher Gallery, San Carlos, California.
1999    Retrospective, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont, California.
1988    Triptychs: Elsa Marley, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, California
1968    Transformations, Hendricks Gallery, London, England
1965    Revelations: A Multimedia Happening, Open Theater, Berkeley, California.
1964    Assemblage Paintings and Collages, Magic Theater for Madmen Only, San Francisco, California
1963    Recent Assemblages: Elsa Marley, University of British Columbia Fine Arts Gallery,  Canada
1962    Works on Paper, Elsa Marley, Janis Gallery, London, England

2004    The Space Between Us, Rosenberg Library, City College of San Francisco, CA (with Ming Ren)
2003    Fourth Biennale Internazionale Dell’ Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy, gold medal winners (with Ming Ren)
2001    Ink Expression, City Art Gallery, San Francisco, California (with Ming Ren)
1998    On Collaborations, 10-Year Retrospective of Ms Marley’s Collaborations, University
Gallery, Shanghai, PR China (with Chen Keliang, Julia Strauss, Mitra Ghaffari)
1991    Joint Ventures: A Sino-American Collaboration (with Chen Keliang), U.S. tour sponsored
by d.p. Fong Galleries, San Jose, Cal., Montalvo Institute, Saratoga, Cal., Chinese Cultural
Institute, Boston, Haystack School of the Arts, Deer Island, Maine (with Chen Keliang)
1990    Inner Satellites: A Sino-American Collaboration (with Chen Keliang), d.p. Fong Galleries, San Jose, California1 Joint Ventures: A Sino-American Collaboration (with Chen Keliang), sponsored in China by China Cultural Bureau and U.S. Cultural Bureau, Shanghai; traveling exhibitions in China: Central Art Academy, Beijing, Shanghai State Art Museum, Shanghai, National Art Academy, Hangzhou
1989    Landscapes of the Heart; A Sino-American Collaboration (with Chen Keliang),
Roberta English Gallery, San Francisco, California          

Group Exhibitions
2008    City Arts Gallery. CCSF, San Francisco, California

2007    MOMA Artists Gallery, San Francisco, California

2001    Alternating Currents: New Art Asia and The West, Hitachi
2000    Beyond Boundaries, Worth Ryder Gallery UC Berkeley, (collaboration. with Mitra Ghaffari)
1998    Women on the Silk Road, Gallery on the Rim, First Interstate Bank and

San Francisco Zen Center, San Francisco, California (with Mitra Ghaffari)
1997    Breckenridge Gallery, San Francisco, California
1985    Emanuel Walters and Atholl McBean Galleries, San Francisco, California
1961    Six International Artists, Gallery Sala Rosa, group show sponsored by Joan Miró, Palma Majorca, Spain

2000–present    Professor, Chinese brush painting, City College of San Francisco, California,

2003    Visiting guest professor, Chinese brush painting,

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence
1997–present    Watercolor classes, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont, California
1994–1999    Professor, MFA Directed Study Program, Academy of Art College, San Francisco
1987–1989      Shanghai American School, Shanghai, PRChina

1996 & 2001      “Buddhism on the Silk Road”, East West International Art  Tour, PRChina 
1991   Collaboration East/West San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, Haystack    School of the Arts  Deere Island, Maine, City College, San Francisco, California
1987    “Indigenous American Art History”, Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, PRChina

2003    Gold Medal, Fourth Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea (with Ming Ren)

2004    Tibet Poems, art book of eighteen watercolors and fifteen poems, by Elsa Marley, Skylark Publications, signed  and numbered collector’s edition of 100
2003    “Artist Wins Award,” Chilliwack Progress, Canada
1998    “Painters Join Hands in Show,” Shanghai Star, China
1991    “Paintings by Chen Keliang and Elsa Marley,” California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California
1990    “An East Meets West Painting Collaboration,” Contemporary China Culture Institute, Vancouver, Canada
1990    “Art Style Meets East West,” China Daily, Chen Yu Fei
1989    “Pacific Crossover,” Los Angeles Times, Sharon Durham, Los Angeles, California.

Peter Coyote, Mill Valley, CA -Willis Deming, Oakland, CA -Roberta English, Hong Kong, China - Masood A. Jabarr, Sun Microsystems, San Mateo, CA - Dr. Alan Steinbach, Bolinas, CA - John Handy, Oakland, CA - Diane di Prima, San Francisco, CA - Julia Strauss, London,  England - Chen Jia Lin, Shanghai, PRChina - Mark Prior, Denman Island, Canada  - Glen Edens, San Mateo, CA – Don Monkerud, Aptos, CA. – Lynn Brown  - LA,CA -  William Torphy,  El Sobrante, CA Lee Winters, Fremont, CA-.Fan Xiao Ming, Hangzhou, PRChina  Dr. Mani Amiri,  Atlanta, GA, Duke Murphy, San Francisco, Ca.